Let us know your requirements as best as you can please, via the form below, with as much detail about the aircrafts capabilities as possible and we will send you a list of items which we find important that your aircraft should have for the particular ferry route.


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The Auto Pilot did not work on a BE-200 – so we had to put a second crewmember on = more cost ( remuneration, per diem, airfares, Hotels etc.etc.) The pressurisation didn't come up to max. diff. on a Lear 31 – so we had to fly at FL 260 half around the world with many more stops as well – you can imagine how much it cost on extra fuel and landing fees – because any Jets fuel usage is very high at those low altitudes!! On another aircraft the fuel vent de-icing didn't work in January last year in the northern hemisphere – so the entire ferry flight had to be literally VFR = huge cost increase in waiting out for good weather!!

For instance we need to know range, any mods., speed, useable fuel – any mods on the fuel tank system – how many non standard tanks does it have – or not ?, 8.33 VHF spacing installed (needed for Europe), S-Mode Transponders & how many ? pressurisation to max. differential or not. etc. etc. (to get the best fuel consumption possible) – and many more items – so as to give you a more accurate quote.

We thank you in advance for your input – as it will prevent unnecessary grief later.

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