aircraft ferry service

An intercontinental ferry is a daunting task in all aspects. To properly undertake such a flight adequate funding is needed to maintain your aircrafts integrity. We do not employ low-experienced pilots. We properly remunerate our pilots according to their high general aviation & international experience, multitude of type ratings, MNPS/RVSM & Test Pilot ratings, and international licenses.

We do not take shortcuts to save money. We carry all the volumes of Jeppesen's for the entire regions we fly through, current high/low en route charts, a proper HF radio installation, our own GPS units with current & updated databases, all survival equipment necessary, approved ferry tanking where needed, and professionally arranged over flight and landing clearances with ground handling.
We take the time and have the funds to wait out adverse weather conditions (not to overstress your aircraft with hail, turbulence, lightning strikes, icing or upper sandstorms etc.). We are always prepared for any ramp check so authorities will not ground your aircraft.

We manipulate and handle the engines and airframe of any aircraft given to us as if it was our own! We are careful not to exceed the limitations of the aircraft and we fly in economy cruise!

High Time Pilots on:

aircraft ferry service

All King Air Models

90, 100, 200, 350, 1900
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Aviation deliveries

Hawkers Jets HS-125

Up to 900XP
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